Trucking Firm Receives Government Waiver – Limited Benefits Approved

After going around and around with the Department of Health & Human Services, a long-haul trucking firm client of ours finally received their Approved Waiver today. You will notice it is a FORM LETTER that does not indicate the name of the employer or reference a file number.
This has been a most interesting experience. First, the clerk at the Office of Oversight admitted to the HR Director of the trucking firm that he was new to the job, had no desk assigned to him and did not even have an email address. His first response to the request was virtually incomprehensible (see prior posting).
Then, in another email (yes, he was finally assigned a government email address)  he stated that the annual benefit requested by the trucking firm, which was $50,000, could “not be less than $50,000.” So, he insisted that the plan have an annual maximum of $50,001 so that it would comply.
Fortunately for this employer his Application for Waiver was approved. The owner looks forward to going through the same process again next year.