Texas To Cede Millions More to TRS ActiveCare?

“It is the intent of the legislation that the premiums for TRS-Care and TRS ActiveCare be calculated and adjusted taking into consideration the money appropriated ($286,337,761) under this section.”

Senate Bill 8 is among some of the first bills introduced this month in anticipation of the next Texas legislative session which begins January 10, 2023. The bill deals with how the state may allocate over $7 billion in free federal monies spewed forth by over-active Washington printing presses per the commands of the ruling class of this country.

The bill is worth reading. You might find you are a beneficiary. For example, $16,700,000 is allocated for existing laboratory facilities in Hidalgo & Starr counties in deep South Texas. That’s great news for someone.

Then there’s monies earmarked to keep TRS ActiveCare competitive. “It is the intent of the legislature that premiums for TRS ActiveCare not increase as a result of coronavirus-related claims.”

Senate Bill 1444, passed in the last legislative session, allows, for the first time in 20 years, TRS ActiveCare member districts to exit the program. TRS ActiveCare risk pool must now compete for business. If SB 8 passes in it’s present form, competing for business will be much easier for TRS ActiveCare leaving private insurers at a competitive disadvantage.

The commercial market relies on rates based on risk alone. TRS ActiveCare is not subject to that limitation as long as government continues to gift monies towards premium dollar relief. How do commercial carriers compete with that?

If SB 8 passes in it’s current form, TRS ActiveCare could gain total gifting worth over $1 billion inclusive of their previous funding bailout over the past 24 months.

87(3) SB 8 – Enrolled version – Bill Text (texas.gov)