Texas Files Suit Against Aliera Healthcare

The State of Texas has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop Aliera Healthcare from selling health insurance in Texas and engaging in the business of insurance without a state license.

The lawsuit also seeks civil penalties. After filing the lawsuit June 13 in the 53rd Civil District Court in Travis County (Cause Number D-1-GN-19-003388), TDI dismissed the administrative action pending with the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

July 11: The state filed a first amended petition. The amended petition also sought a temporary restraining order and temporary injunction against Aliera, its successors, affiliates, agents, and assigns.

July 12: Aliera and the state participated in a hearing on the temporary restraining order in Travis County District Court. Following the hearing, the judge found that there is evidence of irreparable injury, loss, and/or damage if the court did not issue a temporary restraining order. The judge’s order prohibited Aliera, its successors, affiliates, agents, and assigns, from accepting any new customers in Texas.

July 18: Aliera signed an agreement to:

Not accept or write new business in Texas until the case is resolved.

Not transfer, expend, or disburse any funds outside the ordinary course of business without approval from the court until the case is resolved.

Because of this agreement, a hearing that had been set for July 29 to address the state’s request for a temporary injunction is no longer needed.


Signed Aliera agreement (Rule 11 Agreement)

Aliera first amended petition

Aliera first amended petition exhibits

Order granting the application for a temporary restraining order against Aliera Healthcare Inc.


If you need an accessible version of a PDF, send an email to Accessibility@tdi.texas.gov.