Texas Classroom Teachers Association’s Risk Management Solution

TCTA’s Solution To Controlling Costs – Pay More

The Texas Classroom Teachers Association recently posted Why ActiveCare may be on the verge of a big, big problem” and offered AN IDIOTIC SOLUTION TO CONTROL HEALTH CARE COSTS.

TCTA’s risk management “REAL” solution to controlling rising health care costs of the TRS ActiveCare plan for Texas school districts is explained below:

“Of course, the real solution (short of a complete nationwide health care overhaul) is for the state to contribute significantly more money toward school employee health insurance.” – TCTA

More money? Throwing more money at the highest cost healthcare system in the world is the answer to rising health care costs?

I guess the writer’s assumption is current healthcare costs are reasonable but we are just not paying enough.

Meanwhile, in deep South Texas, three school districts have solved healthcare. Their strategies to control costs while improving benefits at the same time is out performing the TRS ActiveCare program with +400,000 member lives proving size doesn’t matter. Smart risk management does.

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