School District Believes In The Tooth Fairy

The Weslaco Independent School District believes insurance agents are so invaluable they hired three of them……….”At no cost to the district”……and they are getting the TPA for free too………. 

The district also employs an insurance consultant in addition to the three insurance agents (start 1:12). Although they are paying their insurance consultant for all the work he does (seems fair), these three insurance agents come free to the district.

Four insurance agents (one poses as a consultant) now manage the district’s self-funded health & welfare plan.

How’s that gonna work? Three insurance agents working on behalf of the district at no cost to the district is pretty impressive. But what about the consultant? Why can’t they get him for free too? That just doesn’t seem fair!

They also believe in the PBM Tooth Fairy (1:04:15).

The Tooth Fairy’s guarantee rebate of $43.70 PEPM is “Greater than total TPA administrative costs of TPA administration services.”  Translation: BCBS will be administering our health plan at no cost. Free is good.

 “I’ve never seen a group of community leaders act like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads chopped off” opined a local observer. Mike the Headless Chicken had more sense then all these guys put together.