San Antonio Company Provides Stop Loss Insurance

SA Benefit Services, LLC principals have more than 30 years of combined stop loss experience. We provide stop loss services to third party administrators, consultants, brokers and direct with self-funded groups who have no broker of record. We use only A Rated stop loss carriers.

A recent article in stated that “Self-funding has long been used by large companies. Under Obamacare, it makes sense for small firms to consider self-funded healthcare insurance plans, as well…. Companies with fewer than 250 employees typically combine self-funded health plans with stop-loss insurance, which protects them against losses from higher-than-expected claims in a given plan year. If actual claims are less than the amount that has been funded, you’re refunded the difference. Once limited mainly to large companies, self-funding is now becoming accessible to ever-smaller groups.”

Regardless of the number of employees you insure, stop loss insurance can help
protect your fund’s assets in the event of catastrophic claims.

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