RiskManagers.us Opens 4 New Offices

This is the future office.

“Why would you invest in so much expensive real-estate for your employees? The Future office is already getting into the backyard of the new economy employees and companies. It is about results and not about presence and losing many many hours by traveling to your main office” – Unknown Author

RiskManagers.us, with International Headquarters located in a Cow Pasture in South Central Texas, announced today the company has expanded with the opening of four new satellite offices in targeted strategic markets.

The newly established San Antonio office is located in the phone booth outside Lubys on Loop 410. The Rio Grande Valley Office is located at El Taquito on East Harrison Street, Harlingen behind Starbucks. The Houston office is located behind Jorges Tire Shop on Main in The Heights. The Dallas office is conveniently located wherever you want it to be (mobile office)……………Come see us soon…….