Physician Responds To Post

“This is what happens when you put Marxists in charge of making these decisions.”

Physician responds to recent post  “Historic” Medicare Reimbursement Scheme Announcement

I guess I’m just a Luddite. But this is all bullshit.

No one in that fricking government can figure out how to measure quality appropriately – and they’ve been trying.   Even the BUCA’s can’t figure it out – and they all use different metrics.  So, who after all, is going to be my master in all this?

All physicians will be practicing to the metric, not according to what’s best for their individual patients.  This is what happens when the government controls things.  Bureaucrats think they know what’s best.

This is going to be bad for medicine.  Physicians will suffer.  But ultimately, there will be significant erosion in the confidence patients place in their physicians to do what’s best for them on an individual basis.  Medicine will be practiced by government fiat – not one on one with patients as the most important factor, as it has been in the past.

This is what happens when you put Marxists in charge of making these decisions.  They are so stupid, they actually think they know what’s best for American consumers, and can figure out how to deliver it from a central government platform.

Pure folly

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