Paul Keckley – Trusted Advisor

Paul Keckley is an intense observer of that change, diving deep into the trends, tipping points, intended and unintended consequences to bring clients and opinion leaders the unvarnished truth.

He’s a believer that the right questions and objective data result in a healthcare system that is healthily balanced in both profit and purpose. He helps pressure test strategy, anticipate public reaction, find opportunities for growth and improve your odds of success. Paul publishes the weekly The Keckley Report. Visit

Interesting article by Paul Keckley. Below are a few excerpts:

  • Per Deloitte, by 2030, demand for inpatient beds will shrink 44% and hospital inpatient revenue will be 35% lower.
  • The top 10 multi-hospital owners control 24% of total hospital revenue and the top 5 health insurance operators control 44% of total U.S. enrollment. Revenue and market share growth in each sector for these is at least twice that of their weaker competitors and access to capital at attractive rates a strategic advantage.
  • Both are diversifying: recognizing margin erosion in their core businesses (inpatient care in hospitals, employer-based coverage for health insurers), both now employ physicians directly, operate outpatient facilities, invest in ancillary ventures to generate “non-operating income” and grow by acquisition. And more than 300 hospitals now sponsor/operate their own health insurance plans to secure direct access to funding from government payers, employers and individuals.

Paul Keckley, PhD, Time for New Paradigm in Hospital Consolidation Debate, 8/23/2021, The Paul Keckley Report