Mr. President, There Is More Than One Way To Sing The Blues……….

After a week of sound bites from our President and leaders in Washington demonizing our industry, I thought you would like to hear “the other side of our story.”   

Out of the blue last week, I received a call from a friend whom I had not heard from in a while.   After the hello’s, how are you and the family and so forth, I was told the reason for the call. 

To my great sadness, I learned my friend was ill, very ill.   “I really hate to call you after all of this time, but I know you are in the business and thought maybe you could help.   I have a box of bills and claims from my insurance company and doctors and have no idea how to pull this all together.   I want to pay what I owe, but don’t know where to start.”    I told my friend no problem.   I would actually be driving through my friend’s home-town later in the week and would be happy to drop by and help sort this out.  

As soon as I arrived, we began sorting through a box of papers, a big box!  After sorting and gaining an understanding of where we stood,  we contacted the insurance company first.   Of course it was, “we need an authorization” and so forth.   This was all completed and we were ready to go.   

We were able to meet with the insurance company representative almost immediately.   This may come as a surprise Mr. President, but this insurance company representative did not have horns, did not breath fire, did not tell my friend that he was cancelled because he was sick, did they give a hint that my friend would be better off dead and did not  threaten to deny claims.   

The representative was the antithesis of a post office clerk.     

This Blue Cross Blue Shield Rep took their time in understanding my friends problem, sorted out their claims, explained what was paid correctly and why, explained what was paid incorrectly and adjusted for payment and smiled the entire time.

Of course, none of this surprised me….I’ve been in this business a long time and know what happens in the real world of health insurance.  

So next time we turn on the tube and hear our President making insurance companies out as the bad guy, remember that kind and compassionate BCBS Rep who took  time to help out a friend.   Bottom line is that we are all hard working individuals with knowledge and experience far beyond our elected officials in Washington who may be changing all of our lives forever.   

Editor’s Note: Many consider BCBS as among one of the most respected health insurance companies in the United States. What makes any company great is the people who represents them, from top to bottom.