Molly Mulebriar To Make Major Announcement Next Week

Molly Mulebriar, ace reporterette, world renowned forensic auditor, and part time contributer to this blog, will be making a major announcement in the next ten days that will affect the lives of many. Contacted in Barbados where she maintains a lush hidden jungle training camp for the committed, Mulebriar gave few details of her immediate plans to change the world.

Mulebriar: Look, you know me, I dont give out interviews. So your wasting time and money calling here. Besides, Im in conference right now with Boris, you know, remember the Budapest caper?

RiskManager: Come on Molly, we know exactly what your up to. The Texas Hospital Association confirmed they exist, and were more than forthcoming with their strategies with Seton Hospital System. We know everything – so lets talk about it.

Molly: I will be making a major announcement next week. Goodbye.