MGU Founded Aboard Love Boat

Love Boat Cruise Spawns MGU……………………………

USBenefits was founded over the coastal waters of the California Pacific Ocean aboard the Celtic Samurai.

The founding members believed that to be successful, understanding our clients comes first. That simple principle has shaped all subsequent development of the company and is the foundation on which we have grown.

USBenefits Insurance Services, LLC dba Employer stop-loss Insurance Services, LLC officially launched in July of 2007. Since that day, we have continued to implement our marketplace knowledge to properly align contractual and financial interests for our producers and groups.

“Customers rely on solid, truthful decisions and respect the integrity of the company that they place business with. USBenefits is known for doing the right thing and being there when our groups need us most.” Marc Floyd –Executive Vice President and Founding Member.

Contact USBenefits

(877) 877-4USB (4872)

Marcus L. Floyd, EVP Marketing
(949) 468-3023 (direct)
(480) 226-4197 (cell)

Julie Zola, Regional Director of Sales
(949) 468-3028 (direct)
(971) 409-0063 (cell)