Vicious Kitty Cat Attack Costs $17,370

By Bill Hennessey, M.D. on Linkedin

I Tot I Taw a Kitty Cat – I did – I did!! And the Methodist Hospital TX ER bill was $17,370. Yes, for a cat bite.

Patient went home yet the ER bill said his life was threatened by charging the highest level ER visit possible. Yes, it’s fraud. $690 charged per metabolic panel. BUCA pays about $80 to hospitals. This time, over $200. United here stands for united with the hospital. Carriers should leverage membership for lower pricing and be on member side – not hospital side. Medicare pays $12. Methodist ordered two metabolic panels. No medical need to do so. How do I know? Because I am a doctor with common sense. Billing equaled $1,380 reasons to do so. And did anyone who is or is not a doctor really think that a CT scan of the upper limb was needed? Could a cat really bit and break a human bone? This was a kitty cat – not a mountain lion. Billing equaled $3,025 reasons to do so.

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We don’t have any clinical history here.  Cat bites are notorious for getting infected.  If it were to occur over an extensor tendon as the hand/fingers were flexed, it’s possible the bacteria can go back into the SQ tissue as the hand/fingers are extended.  It results in a bad cellulitis, and sometimes requires a surgical procedure to clean it all up.  That doesn’t seem to be the case here or they would have admitted this person, at least for IV antibiotics.

These charges are a shame.  They appear to be fraudulent in my mind, but I’d have to reserve final judgment until I reviewed the medical record (thanks, but I don’t want to do that).