Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Along the Texas border with Mexico, particularly in deep South Texas, kidnappings are running rampant. Few are reported to authorities.

We have heard of three kidnappings that have occurred in South Texas during the past several months. . One was a business man whose family paid $1 million for his release (he now resides in the San Antonio area), another one was a Brownsville school teacher whose husband forked over $5,000 for his wife’s release, and one was a business man with interests in Matamoros whose family is still trying to negotiate his freedom.

With Mexico in chaos, roving bands of criminals are taking advantage of quick cash to be gained by kednapping. Where else can you earn $1 million for a few hours work?

Petersen International, a Lloyds correspondent, offers Kidnap & Ransom insurance. The last time we obtained a quotation, the annual premium was about $4,000                      .