How Much Do You Charge?

By Bill Rusteberg

Invariably we are asked at our first meeting “How much do you charge?” Here’s how we answer:

It’s in the nickels and dimes category. I will be happy to provide you a number once I understand what you’re expectations are.

Our focus at this early juncture should be directed at the dollars driving your health care spend and not so much the nickels and dimes required to administer and manage a successful employee benefits program.

Claim costs will be your biggest spend by far. My fees along with all other costs for services you will require amount to pennies on the dollar.

Depending on your expectations and the scope of work you require I will be better prepared to provide you an appropriate fee based on your needs. It can be a performance based fee, a PEPM fee, or a global fee. Or a combination of all three.

Whatever we ultimately agree on, if it works, it’s cheap. If it doesn’t, it’s expensive.