How Are Texas School Districts Outside TRS ActiveCare Faring These Days?

The short answer is “Not too good.” Some districts are learning the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The pasture on the other side is managed by the same rancher. A sheep rancher at heart, his method of ranching employs managed care networks, insufficient funding and lack of a seasoned and experienced ranch manager with weak leadership skills. Plan management decisions are made by a committee of land squatters and approved by an elected board of know nothing officials intent upon pleasing land squatters at the expense of common sense, reason and logic.

New methods of ranching are not necessary as the methods of old were good enough for grandpa so by golly it’s good enough still. Ropes don’t change and neither does the rider.

Now we see early results of what has come to pass. And it’s not pretty.

We won’t go into details here as it would embarrass our many friends in the industry, a close knit group of people who can’t keep secrets for long. It will all get out soon enough.

Buyers remorse has set in at the auction house and the cows are coming back begging to be rejoined in the holding area, a larger misery pool sharing the same angst and nervousness but with the comfort of knowing community taxpayers through their elected officials in Austin will pump and dump more feed and nutrients as needed to fend off starvation.

Meanwhile over at the OK Corral life is sweet. Herd is fat and frisky, price of grain low and static, and never a thought of rejoining the unfortunate bovines in the holding pen at the auction house waiting for slaughter, their inevitable fate. Strong leadership and proper ranch management coupled with traditional American business practices make for greener pastures and more productive cows.

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So it seems like this would be good advice for these schools. Yeah it’s not going well. And the only reason TRSAC is “solvent” is purely because of tax money infusions. These schools can fold and go back to momma or….they can take some advice from Josey Wales:

I think it’s the truth, go back to socialism supported by an insolvent robbing state or get tough. The first option only buys time because it will fail too, just a longer descent. These are facts. They can live or they can die with the crowd.