Health Care Networks of America – Restoring Physician Prosperity!

“Don’t Miss 70% – 85% of Billed Charge Reimbursement Rates!” touts Health Care Networks of America (HNA).

HNA is an aggregation of regional and national managed care networks for professional services providing payers with “preferred” pricing for their members.

How preferred is the pricing and who does it benefit the most? A hint can be found on HNA’s website with the banner “Restoring Physician Prosperity.”

In reviewing HNA’s contracted rates we find all but one are simply discounts off billed charges. Billed charges can be any charge any physician wants to charge at any time and place. It is a moving number, and it never moves down.

A 50% discount on double the price is an example of “savings” a discount can bring to clueless consumers.

The one network that appears to offer reasonable rates for consumers is the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PREFERRED PROVIDERS (NAPP) / Their Fee Schedule: Medicare plus 25% or 80% of billed charges, whichever is less.

The Health Plan List can be found here: :

This listing contains a current Health Plan List and Fee Schedule of payers that Healthcare Networks of America (HNA) contracts with on behalf of its members.

Within this document the contract is listed within the grey bar with the Fee Schedule indicated directly under each contract heading. Specialties, coverage, states applicable, reimbursement, claims submission and patient identification are also listed. The payers the contract represents are then listed for a complete plan overview.

We have found that consumers can get much better pricing by simply asking. Cash discounts can be significant for example. Or, late pay strategies almost always work – Owe Medical Bills? Don’t Pay Promptly, Pay Late & Join The 50% Club.