Free Life Insurance

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hard working families are getting a break on life insurance. MassMutual was issuing life insurance policies for free at the Eastfield Mall Saturday, 50,000 dollars worth of term life insurance policies.

These policies are being given to lower income families who have children under the age of 18. It’s called the LifeBridge Program.

Debbie Nolan lives in Ludlow with her two children. She’s considered applying for this coverage because she said it really could be beneficial. “It would have helped coverage for them if anything happened to me or happened to them they would have been covered and insured.”

MassMutual has pledged to give away 1 billion dollars worth of policies. They started back in 2002, and on Saturday they were at the Eastfield Mall giving people in the area an opportunity to be a part of the program.

People who make under 40,000 dollars a year and are under the age of 42 are eligible.

Cindy St. George is the Director of the LifeBridge Program and she said this has changed the lives of those who needed to use the life insurance. “Her mother told me that if she didn’t have the funds from the LifeBridge policy that she’d have to give up her two bedroom apartment because now she’s a single mom and we also have a couple children that are in Catholic School and a couple that are attending colleges and universities.”

The insurance premiums are paid by MassMutual for 10 years.

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