Former CEO Alleges Bid Rigging Conspiracy

Former CEO of the Brownsville Independent School District, Tony Juarez, filed a lawsuit against the district alleging bid rigging conspiracy regarding insurance bids received by the school district (See Jan. 17 article on this blog). As reported by the Brownsville Herald today, Joe Zayas, newly elected board member, told the superintendent in an executive session to “get rid of then Chief Financial Officer Tony Juaraz.”

“After a successful 14 year career in public school administration and finance, including eight years as deputy superintendent for finance and business operations of the San Antonio Independent School District, Juarez, 55, returned to his hometown of Brownsville to continue his career with BISD. He is a graduate of Brownsville Hich School who served in the US Army from 1972 to 1978 and graduated Cum Laude with an accounting degree in 1982 from Pan American University.”

But, ” a buzz saw met him in Brownsville” according to the lawsuit.

Apparently Juarez would not go along with a conspiracy to recommend the highest priced insurance bid during a bid process. Instead he insisted that the low bid be recommended.

BISD is currently out to bid again for their group health insurance program. Will the highest cost proposal be awarded. Is the “fix” in?  Many in the insurance industry have “Red Lined” the BISD due to past perceived shenanagans.

As the discovery process continues, the truth will emerge. Unless, of course, a settlement is made and the matter hushed up.