Direct Primary Care Revolution In Deep South Texas

A Direct Primary Care revolution is taking place in deep South Texas, catching the attention of primary care physicians across the country.

In less than two years FRONTIER DIRECT CARE PLLC has established enough memberships in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas to support five clinics which is anticipated to grow to nine clinics by 2023. Proof of concept is apparent. In one of the poorest areas of the United States, members are willing to pay $720 per year for access to health care.

Frontier Direct Care met two needs missing in the American health care delivery system – easy accessibility and affordable cost.

As with any other business, once proof of concept is established, competition will follow. That’s holding true here. Several competitors have surfaced hoping to duplicate the success of Frontier Direct Care.

Cano Health is one of those competitors experienced in direct primary care. Another is Revive Health. Revive Health has partnered with five brick & mortar clinics to provide expanded direct primary care services to Lower Rio Grande Valley residents.

Employers are realizing cost savings by implementing direct primary care within their group medical plans. The Raymondville Independent School District located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley implemented a centric primary care health plan September 2019 with good success. Whereas before the plan was implemented 1/3 of full time employees remained uninsured, now, for the first time, all employees are covered by the district’s health plan including no cost access to primary care.

Direct Primary Care a growing market phenomenon in other parts of the county too.

Mike Reagan, Dallas insurance executive, sees direct primary care as an opportunity to provide Dallas residents a health benefits package anchored with direct primary care, enhanced with perscription drugs and IRC 501r providing low cost, accessible health care in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex. Click here to see how he does it.

First Primary Care in Houston is another fast growing direct primary care provider with multiple locations. They have landed a spot On Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S.

Independent primary care physicians would be wise to consider escaping the shackles of managed care and start their own DPC business. But that’s a scary thought because of the fear and uncertainty of financial survival. These insurance company slaves depend on fee-for-service network membership without which they lose captive CPT Code Patients.

With the right partners they can succeed. That’s the challenge. is a specialty company in the benefits market that, while not an insurance company, works directly with health entities, medical providers, and businesses to identify and develop cost effective benefits packages, emphasizing transparency and fairness in direct reimbursement compensation methods.