Defined Contribution Rx Plan – What A Novel Idea!

SimpleSaveRx is the first 100% defined contribution, 100% transparent PCM and it is the exact opposite of PBMs today.

SimpleSaveRx realizes that a change is needed in the healthcare industry to make prescriptions work more like everything else in business and less like healthcare. SimpleSaveRx, by focusing on prescriptions, will enable members to achieve the greatest savings possible per prescription. With the new innovations, transparent drug pricing, the ability to manage your prescription history and options, the ability to “One Click Transfer” to other pharmacies, as well as therapeutic class transfer options SimpleSaveRx promises to bring a change to the prescription industry enabling consumerism.

SimpleSaveRx delivers new and innovative technology that will allow members to add previous prescriptions into our database, and in return, the member will be able to instantly see if a potential SimpleSave option is available. If the SimpleSave option is presented, the member will then be capable of clicking on the SimpleSave button and will shortly be notified by that pharmacy of when the prescription will be available for pickup.

So why should you change to SimpleSaveRx?

SimpleSaveRx is the first 100% defined contribution, 100% transparent PCM and it is the exact opposite of PBMs today.

  • Rx Savings of up to 30%
  • Go to any pharmacy
  • No changes to user
  • Rx Savings of 10-40% overall
  • Control & transparency
  • No changes to implement

Members can use to:

  • Check drug prices at different pharmacies and employer contribution, per drug, before filling a prescription.
  • At the Pharmacy, prescription costs are pre-negotiated and members pay the “variable co-pay”.
  • After the prescription is filled, SimpleSaveRx will receive claim records, will validate usage and email members showing lower price options


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From a PBM Sales Rep:

That should be pretty simple to do. Just set it up so that the employer pays the first XX dollars for each tier then the patient pays the balance. Much simpler than the benefit we originally administered for (a group of ours).

My question is how much of patients portion goes toward their max out of pocket?
From SimpleSaveRx:
The Employer/Sponsor’s contribution would not apply to the Patient’s Max Out of Pocket but all of the actual Patient Out Of Pocket (purchase price minus contribution) would apply.  SSRx would provide reports via portal, email or other methods requested to the Patient and/or their Provider so the Patient can apply their “actual” OOP towards their Max Benefit amount. To learn more email