David vs Goliath

How can a small school district get better benefits and lower costs than TRS ActiveCare with over 450,000 members?

Here’s some of the reasons the commercial plan is out performing TRS ActiveCare:

  • Hospital benefit reimbursement is based on Medicare benchmarks (Reference Based Pricing). Reimbursement averages half of BCBS “Allowed Charges.”
  • Specialty drug risk transfer (Reduces overall Rx spend by 40% while still providing specialty drug access).
  • Cash Pricing. Reduces cost to as low as <Medicare rates averaging 60-70% savings off average PPO allowed charges.
  • The commercial plan has a two year rate guarantee while the TRS plan doesn’t.

None of this is Rocket Science. It’s simply applying common sense and traditional American business practices to healthcare finance.

TRS ActiveCare vs Commercial Health Plan Option: TSHBP Rate Sheet – docs.mgmbenefits.com