David “Nostradamus” Contorno Reveals Amazing Prediction

David “Nosradamos” Contorno

I’ve hesitated to predict this publicly…but I am ready to now…………………….(Drum roll please)

The carriers as we know them WILL NOT exist in 5 years. The awakening that is occurring, among employers and brokers, is nothing short of staggering.

I now feel that bringing a BUCA in to an employer is like a doctor doing open heart surgery on a perfectly healthy patient….it’s damaging both financially and physically. They don’t just bring no value, the extract value.

When employers realize the fleecing the BUCA’s have been doing to us for years (while paying brokers, executives and shareholders VERY WELL), and they wake up to the fact that YOU DON’T NEED A CARRIER OR A NETWORK TO GET CARE, like they are so desperate for you to continue to believe, they will be forced to change or die. And i doubt they will die. But employers and brokers have the power to change this.

NOW. Let’s fix this, together.

David Contorno – Founder at M Powered Benefits, a NEW kind of benefit consulting firm.

Editor’s Note: Contorno has never been proven to be wrong. His instinct governs his wisdom, fueling his enthusiasm to change a failing health care system that is bankrupting the American middle class. Madame Palm on 14th Street in Brownsville, Texas has confirmed his prediction to members of our staff. Madame Palm is never wrong……………………..