Dave Chase Announces Newest Book Release

I’ve been hard at work on something I’m very proud of: a roadmap for communities, large and small, to restore hope, health and well-being.

My new book, Relocalizing Health: The Future is Local, Open and Independent, officially comes out on October 1st and provides an explanation of not only how much money spent on health care is wasted (over $1 trillion), but how it has devastated public health and stolen away resilience from families and communities all across the United States, making us much more vulnerable to the impacts of Covid-19.

It’s time for community members to take back control, and that change always happens through grassroots movements. In fact, as our Health Rosetta community knows, it’s already happening.

Health doesn’t start in a pill or a hospital. It starts at home. With parents. With neighborhoods. With workplaces. With communities.

invite you to download a complimentary copy of my book before it’s available to the public. Download Relocalizing Health here (PDF)