Christmas Cheers From Kathy


The cost of health insurance for the average working American more than doubled over the last decade, leaving many Americans feeling like they’re at the mercy of insurance companies, with no control over when the next exorbitant rate hike was coming.

That’s not okay. And now it’s starting to change.

Just yesterday, we announced a proposed new policy to help hold insurance companies accountable. These new proposed rules would allow the Department of Health and Human Services, in coordination with states, to require many insurers to publicly disclose and justify unreasonable rate increases.

For too long, it’s been all too common to open your mailbox this time of year and find a letter from your insurance company saying your premiums are going up 20, 30, or 40 percent – often with little or no explanation. 

Whether it’s insurance for yourself, your family, or your small business, this is the kind of news that not only spoils your holidays, but can also endanger your health care coverage – and your health.

These new rules bring unprecedented transparency and oversight to insurance premiums to help states reign in excessive and unreasonable rate increases that have made insurance unaffordable for so many families.

Rather than explain all the details in an email, here is a video where I explain the new proposed rules and why they are important for your health:

Click Here to Watch My White House White Board Video

We believe that shining a light on insurance premiums will convince more insurers to think twice before submitting large rate hikes, the impact of which will be felt by millions of Americans.

This is our latest step to put health care where it belongs – in the hands of consumers instead of insurance companies. 

Please help to spread the word and share this video with your friends and family this holiday season. And for more on our efforts to hold insurers accountable, read this blog.

Happy Holidays,

Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Health and Human Services

Editor’s Note: Below are a few uncensored comments received from readers of this blog:

COMMENT 1 –these people are smoking something…where is the ceiling on and the transparency concern for hospital bills, hospital pricing, and the automatic 1/2- to 1% per month inflation built into their charge-masters ?After all, about 75% of health insurance premium is the cost of paying claims at hospitals deliver me from these idiots
COMMENT 2 –Hey Kathy, You stupid fucking bitch, why the hell do you think insurance costs have gone up??? Why are all the insurance companies pulling out of Massachusetts? You stupid fucking bitch!!!!!!!! Have you heard that medical costs have gone up you ignorant slut!???
COMMENT 3 –Just a thought for Ms. Sebellus to consider. And  keep in mind that I am no fan of insurance carriers.  But here is my radical thought : Perhaps it is the cost of health care itself that needs to be addressed. In other words , the premiums charged by carriers are a symptom , but the cost of care is the disease. I have no doubt that there are carriers who are trying to capitalize on the reform legislation to increase rates , but  why does the government focus exclusively on the  insurance companies ?  Self funded employers are seeing increases as well ; doesn’t that indicate the problem is not simply the carriers fault ?  Sometimes I think the government does a survey and says “ Who can we throw under the bus ? “  when it comes to health care.     The best scapegoats : the insurance companies. Every day I see medical providers charging outrageous  amounts that have no relation to the cost to provide the service.  Pharma  and medical device manufacturers have margins that dwarf the insurance companies .  Yet the focus , when the topic is cost of care , is always those greedy insurers.   I don’t get it.  Again , no fan of insurers , but I don’t think these folks down in DC are  thinking some of this through very well. How is that for an understatement ?
COMMENT 4 – How great is that! By the way…the government solver of all things too costly for insurance…..a friend in the business just told me his Medicare Part D premiums went up by 30%. Hey Kathy, where is the fucking federal government oversight on that fucking plan? Oh, that’s right, you don’t know or care about that….you ignorant slut!
COMMENT 5 – Reading the latest crap the beauracraps come up with makes my blood pressure go up, I’m gonna go have a beer right this minute. ps-thanks for the excuse!