Chinese Flu Vacination Protocol Suggested By Health Policy Expert

“All white people to the back of the bus” screams Harald……………………..

Harald says older populations are whiter which is proof society is structured to allow them to live longer. So, he suggests, lets level the playing field by using the Chinese Flu epidemic as a vehicle to achieve societal equity!

Politicizing health care is not done to solve health care but to achieve political dominance. The Balkanization of the United States grows in intensity, pitting subgroups against each other. Are we witnessing the rise of another Kosovo / Bosnia tinder box in this country?



Amazing. That is complete horseshit.  What a completely twisted way to look at the world. That is the kind of drivel that is being passed out in colleges today – and it supposedly passes for academic rigor. An “expert” in ethics with this kind of worldview has a best and highest use by putting dressing on your tires at the car wash.