Cameron Wants To Buy A TPA! Someone Please Help Him!

PAR Services Group Seeks to be a Family Home for a High-Quality TPA

MyHealthGuide Source: PAR Services Group, 1/13/2023

Nashville, TN – Cameron Dabir has formed PAR Services Group to acquire, grow, and permanently own a high-quality third party administration business.

I started my career at J.P. Morgan and Blackstone, advising and investing in a wide variety of companies in healthcare, employee benefits, and insurance-related services. After seeing all the acquisition activity occurring, I set out to form a venture of my own. Given the exciting developments in the industry, I believe that TPAs are one of the most critical parts of the self-funded ecosystem. Coupling that view with my existing knowledge base, I’ve decided to buy a high-quality TPA.

In contrast to almost all other buyers out there, my financial backing does not come from an institutional investor (e.g. private equity) and I am not a large competitor with existing operations. My backing is from a small group of highly successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople who invest their own money with people such as myself. In short, I’m much closer to a family ownership structure versus a “traditional” buyer backed by an institution.

That may not sound like a big difference, but I believe it is. Mainly, It allows me to take a permanent-hold-mindset given there is no expected timeline or pressure for selling the business. I have a strong belief that truly great businesses take decades to build; my focus is on the next 30 years, not 3. I’m under no pressure to make drastic changes after a transaction and will ensure that I’m a good steward of everything you’ve built. My highest priority is to take care of your employees and customers, and to ensure your company remains a trusted name.

There are two main scenarios where I would be a great fit:

  • Succession planning: You’ve worked hard to build an enduring business and now it’s time to enjoy your loved ones and retirement. I can purchase the business and ensure a smooth transition, partnering with your team on its next chapter. I’ll work to understand your unique company and culture, preserving and enhancing your legacy. We can design a transaction to have you fully exit as soon or as late as you’d like.
  • Partnership to support growth: The industry is growing with new regulations and product offerings, and competitive dynamics are always shifting. You’re ready to grow with it, but you know that you can grow more with the right partner. I have significant experience in scaling businesses at a measured pace, keeping the needs of your team and clients in mind.

If you own a business that fits the following criteria, I’d love to hear from you. Your inquiry will be completely confidential; I employ no staff, have full decision-making authority, and do not need to discuss your business with consultants, bankers, or other advisors. Oftentimes, I can give you an answer after an introductory phone call as to whether I’d be a good fit and what a transaction could look like. I am acutely aware that business owners are busy people, and I will not waste your time.


  • Minimum of $2 million in revenue
  • Retain at least 85% of clients each year
  • Consistent history of generating profit/cash flow

For the right business and right owner, I can provide a great home. My contact info is below – I’d love to hear from you. Cameron Dabir, 615-802-0514,  Visit

P.S. Even if you don’t have a business to sell but want to chat, feel free to reach out. It would be great to connect.