Brownsville ISD Seeks Insurance Consultant – Again

Brownsville Independent School District is seeking proposals for insurance consultant. This is the second time in the past two months that the BISD has sought proposals for insurance consultant. Apparently the Board of Trustees did not like the choices presented to them on the first go-around.

The administration’s recommendation was to re-hire the current consultant. One board member commented “why are we going to re-hire a consultant who last year recommended a change in PPO networks to save us money, when in fact we have not saved any money and are spending more?” A motion to approve died for lack of a second.

Proposal specifications will be released via the BISD website soon.

Editor’s Note: Can anyone verify that the current BISD PPO network has less provider discounts than the previous BISD PPO network of last year? Has anyone reviewed actual PPO provider agreements with the two Brownsville hospitals to compare? Has anyone reviewed each and every physician PPO agreement for all physicians in Brownsville and surrounding communities? Are all physician PPO contract the same, or do some physicians get paid more than others? Are 100% of the PPO “discounts” passed on to the consumer? Do PPO contracts contain excalater clauses that assure providers a “pay raise” every year? Do all PPO contracts with providers renew at the same time every year, or are the contracts renewed as the preceding contract term expires?  Has anyone asked the two Brownsville hospitals which PPO network would provide BISD with the lowest health care costs?