Brownsville ISD Awards Insurance Consulting Contract

“The recommendation of this agenda is to recommend to the Board of Trustees the firm that will provide the best value as the Consultant to help guide the district in reviewing options related to our employee benefits program.”

“As directed by the Board Insurance Committee, proposals were reviewed and a consultant was selected. This recommendation was made based on the review of proposals in the areas defined in the Request For Proposals. ”

“Thirty seven (37) vendors were solicited. Eleven (11) proposals were received. One (1) no bid. ”

Recommendation: Gallagher Benefits of Weslaco, Texas as recommended by administration for an Annual Price not to exceed $25,000.

Services provided by Gallagher Benefits

Employee Benefit Plan Consulting, Discount Analysis, Renewal Projections & Rate Structure Analysis, Actuarial Assistance, Underwriting Assistance, Unlimited Compliance Support, Network Negotiation & Consulting, Annual Texas ISD Benchmark Report, Level 1 Rx Consulting, RFP Creation & Analysis and Voluntary Benefits Consulting – $25,000

Vendor Scoring

Lockton Dunning (38.99), Gallagher Benefits (86.65), Carlise Insurance (71.99), EBC (52.98), FBS (42.66). Jett Financial (47.65), HUB International (71.99), SWBC (46.65), Valley Risk (69.98)

Board Action

Board of Trustees rejected committee’s recommendation. It is our understanding the third ranked vendor Valley Risk was subsequently awarded the contract.


A $25,000 bid for a project of this scope and size is not reasonable. A reasonable fee would be much greater, plus expenses. The Gallagher bid appears to us as a loss leader.