Boiled Alive

Article Referred By Brent Evans

There was once a frog who had been captured by his country and put in a cage. As he was a very scared and naive frog, he believed it when told it was for his own good.

The frog was happy to be safe and not have to worry about predators. He loved the easy food, fully processed, preserved and always available – even if unhealthy. Slowly he put on weight, didn’t exercise, and became very sick. His chronic conditions caused him to see the veterinarian and go to the hospital often. But the hospitals that he went to were focused on rules, regulations and money. They were set up as gate keepers, to control healthcare access and make sure no one did anything wrong. They did not really care if he lived or died. They prescribed drugs that were expensive and poisoned his body, but the makers of the “medicines” made a lot of money on them and they shared that money with the veterinarians and hospitals.

Boiled Alive – by Robert W Malone MD, MS (