Asserta Seeking Investors @ $7.95 Per Share

Asserta is offering investors an opportunity to share in a fast growing segment of the American health care system of finance providing employers significant savings on health insurance costs while removing financial barriers and improving member experience for working Americans ………………

Reasons to Invest

National healthcare expenditures are projected to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028. As one of the largest sectors in the US economy, these exorbitant costs remain a perennial friction point with everyday Americans.*

Asserta’s payment platform, medEcash, is a healthcare payment utility that administers real-time payment for healthcare services while also managing the required data for health plan administration.

Asserta has proven the potential of our platform by processing over $40 million in payment transactions for more than 30,000 health plan members

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Company : Asserta Health, Inc.
Corporate Address : 10421 South Jordan Gateway Suite 560, South Jordan , UT 84095
Offering Minimum : $9,993.15
Offering Maximum : $1,069,998.45
Minimum Investment Amount

(per investor)

: $246.45
Offering Type : Equity
Security Name : Common Stock
Minimum Number of Shares Offered : 1,257
Maximum Number of Shares Offered : 134,591
Price per Share : $7.95
Pre-Money Valuation : $22,078,676.40