Another Virtual Healthcare Offering Hits Market

Benefits include unlimited virtual visits with $0 copay and $0 deductibles, capacity to treat over 1,500 conditions, the ability to prescribe medications and write orders for labs, x-rays and other diagnostic tests………………….Dedicated physician, $1 drugs………….

MedWatch Now Offers Innovative Virtual Primary Care (VPC) Services through Alicorn

MyHealthGuide Source: MedWatch, 6/1/2022

Lake Mary, FL— MedWatch, a full-spectrum care management company providing population health management solutions to the self-funded health plan market, announces the availability of Virtual Primary Care through their suite of services. The onset and duration of the Covid pandemic brought many innovative services into the spotlight and demonstrated new ways to receive healthcare, with some existing concepts being retooled into highly effective and viable services.

MedWatch is proud to be part of that revolution and is excited to offer one of the most effective Virtual Primary Care (VPC) services available in the industry today. In a new agreement with ALICORN, Inc., MedWatch has secured access to this game-changing service for their clients and members. ALICORN’s VPC differs from traditional telemedicine in that it connects members with a dedicated 1-on-1 primary care physician and establishes a relationship that is personal and accessible.

ALICORN VPC provides unlimited virtual visits with $0 copay and $0 deductibles, and has the capacity to treat over 1,500 conditions, including the ability to prescribe medications and write orders for labs, x-rays and other diagnostic tests. ALICORN also offers a $1 Meds Program that includes the 200 most commonly prescribed drugs for chronic and acute conditions for just $1 per script, plus has thousands of other drugs available starting at just $10. Physician interaction with members is primarily done through a platform via video and text, making access to qualified care simple, efficient, and convenient. For the plan, savings average $400 per member per year in medical claims costs!

MedWatch has made this benefit available to its own employees and members of its health plan. The utilization and satisfaction with the program has been exceptional, while producing an immediate ROI for the plan.

“I have used this service about six times and the experience with my virtual primary care physician has been outstanding. I feel that my relationship with my virtual PCP is far superior to going to an office and seeing a PCP in person,” remarks one MedWatch employee. “I have saved personal time by not driving to and from appointments and more importantly averted an ER visit and an urgent care visit. I even got all my prescriptions updated, had a consultation with my virtual PCP on my medications, got a prescription for lab work and a mammogram. Every employer should consider this program!”

For more information, contact your MedWatch Sales Representative or Account Manager directly. Request information at or by calling (321) 249-9179.

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ALICORN, Inc. helps people improve their health and work productivity. They achieve this goal by offering a suite of health and productivity solutions to employees in businesses of all sizes.
ALICORN’s health solutions reduce employers’ health insurance costs by 10-25% annually and helps employees get easy access to medical care. Offerings include the CareChat™ Platform and products such as SymptomsChat™, Virtual Primary Care, DocRatings™, MagicRx™, and MedRecords™.

ALICORN’s productivity solutions include chatbots for employees in Sales, Account Management, Benefits, and HR functions. The SalesChat®, BenefitsChat®, and HRChat® products are designed to meet employees where and how they work – by integrating with Microsoft Teams, Slack & Google Chat – and turbocharge revenue generation activities while increasing productivity. Follow us at on LinkedIn.