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This ingenious way to circumnavigate the disclosure rules was recently proposed by a large national organization to a stunned audience.

Answer: What is embedding all fees into voluntary benefits a/k/a the ” you ain’t moving my cheese” trick.

(Their suggested fees to be charged: “$85,000 Annual Fee with an offset provision $75K based on a revenue cap on the embedded commissions with the VB (voluntary benefits) projected at $150K.

The embedded commissions would be collected on behalf of the City, with the revenue in excess of the $75K to be credited to their account, which will offset our annual fees.

Clinical and Pharmacy Audits will be paid for by the TPA and PBM through GA (General Agent) fees or as a % of the savings realized by the City, which are not charged back to the group.

Additional fees will be paid for by the Life and Disability Carrier with no charge back to the group.”

Since municipalities are not subject to ERISA the new broker / consultant fee disclosure requirement does not apply.)

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