A Group Medical Plan Without A PPO & No Balance Billing Issues?

“Provider Freedom health plans allow you the full choice of health care providers without restrictions or penalties. There are no preferred providers or networks required. See the provider you choose!”

“You still receive the value of PPO-like discounts for all medical services. These discounts are arranged on your behalf directly with the provider of your choice to gain the highest level of discounts possible.”

“If there is a disagreement between your plan and a provider on the fee for a service, we will negotiate directly for you to ensure there is no “balance bill” to you for discounts taken. The only out-of-pocket expenses are normal deductibles and coinsurance. ”

Editor’s Note: This trend is growing. Many of our clients dropped their PPO networks several years ago and have since enjoyed significant savings.¬† For more information on how claims are negotiated and how balance billing issues¬† are resolved, write riskmanager@sbcglobal.net