Texas political subdivisions are struggling to address rising medical costs which, in most cases, represents their second largest budgetary expense after wages. Seeking economies of scale, some counties, cities and school districts have joined risk pools such as TML, TAC and TRS ActiveCare. However the concept of the power of large numbers has failed to control costs.

We know why………………………………………….

About TAGCO RiskManagers, LLC

TAGCO RiskManagers, LLC (TAGCO) was formed by industry insiders as a resource for political subdivisions seeking solutions to rising health care costs.

Employing reason and logic, TAGCO offers invaluable fee based consulting services providing proven risk management solutions to members.

Our primary goal is to educate members on what drives health care costs and offer alternatives that reduce health care spend while improving benefits at the same time. As part of this education process TAGCO exposes closely guarded secrets insurance companies and managed care intermediaries have kept hidden for years. We walk members through the complicated maze of the American health care delivery system offering common sense solutions and empowering our members, for the first time, to negotiate with health care intermediaries from a position of strength.

The services we provide and the fees we charge are transparent and public. We receive no other remuneration of any kind from any other source other than fees paid directly to us by clients who retain our services.

Duty of loyalty to our members, transparency and accountability are essential to the foundation of our services. To that end, we expect our members to realize a substantial savings based upon the services that we will deliver.

Interlocal Purchasing Agreement

TAGCO RiskManagers, LLC offers Texas Political Subdivisions the opportunity to participate in an Interlocal Purchasing Agreement (IPA). This IPA operates as authorized by Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code and Subchapter F, Chapter 271 of the Texas Local Government Code for the purpose of participating in cooperative purchasing program.

Of Counsel: Thompson-Coe, Austin, Texas

We Invite Your Participation

It is to the advantage of Texas political subdivisions to participate in the TAGCO Interlocal Purchasing Agreement. Economies of scale coupled with expert risk management provide members with the tools needed to achieve shared goals of lowering health care costs while improving benefits at the same time. Case histories developed over the past ten (10) years provide clear empirical evidence of the value of our services while demonstrating outcomes that can be attained through proper risk management strategies. Prospective members may join the TAGCO RiskManagers LLC Interlocal Purchasing Agreement without any pre-conditions. Once a member, options available through the Agreement may be exercised at any time.

For more information contact:  info@tagcoriskmanagers.org