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Health Care Rationing Coming 2013 – 46% Of Docs To Quite Profession

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Fri, October 29, 2010 12:09:57 PM Essential Viewing – We must Defend, Repeal and put an end to Obama care!


This is absolutely essential viewing for every American!!!

Subject: We must Defend, Repeal and put an end to Obama care!
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 16:06:57 -0700

 Watch this compelling explanation of what Obama care will really look like if put into practice. (2013) Dr. David Janda testified before Congress…Listen to what he was told by the folks in Congress.

 We have no idea of how insane this will be until it’s too late.

ObamaCare Creates New Marketing Opportunities – Limited Benefit Plans Exempt From Government Regs.

Friday, October 29th, 2010
Do you have clients that cannot afford the state plan but yet cannot qualify for a major medical plan?

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Western Marketing has been given another opportunity with a national A-rated carrier on a GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE HEALTH PLAN!
Summary of Benefits:  

  • $20 co-pays on doctor visits (no waiting period for pre-existing conditions)
  • $15 co-pay on generic prescription drugs
  • $20 wellness visit one time per year which covers up to $500 in lab work
  • $2,000 (up to) daily room benefit for the first 31 days
  • 100% of the Medicare approved fees for surgical procedures
  • No medical questions
  • 6 month advance
  • Issued to Age 64

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Editor’s Note: Limited Benefit Plans do not have to comply with the onerous requirements mandated by ObamaCare. We are getting numerous email like the one above on a daily basis. This is an example of a free market offering competitive solutions. We are not endorsing this product, this is for general information only.

City of Lubbock VS HealthSmart Settlement Announced

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Lubbock’s City Council unanimously approved a settlement agreement Thursday, ending part of a complex legal battle that dates back four years.

In 2006, the council ended the city’s health insurance benefit administration contract with the Ted Parker group of companies.

The Parker Group sued then-mayor David Miller and three senior city staffers, claiming defamation, amid questions about whether Parker and his companies profited beyond that contractual agreement.

Earlier this year the Parker Group, now known as Healthsmart, dropped its suit for defamation and all other claims against the four defendants.

The settlement agreement ends those defendants’ countersuit against the Parker Group for malicious prosecution and other claims.

Mayor Tom Martin says the $850,000 the city gets out of this deal, together with a $500,000 settlement recently reached with the city’s legal liability insurer, recovers “virtually all” of the attorney fees the city spent in this part of the legal battle.

The city is still in arbitration with the Parker Group in a dispute over records the city is seeking to conduct an audit. But those documents are apparently part of the settlement for the individuals’ countersuit.

A written statement released by the city states, “The city employees, former mayor, and Healthsmart all expressed that they are pleased an audit can now be completed.”

It continues, “Healthsmart said, ‘We regret that former management filed this suit. We believe that all disputes between our companies and the City of Lubbock should have been and should be resolved in the context of the arbitration in Lubbock. We steadfastly maintain that we did nothing wrong in relation to the Lubbock arbitration issues.'”

The individuals involved, City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld, Scott Snider, Leisha Hutchison, and former Mayor Miller, according to the statement, say, “We are thankful the city continued to defend us as we have maintained throughout this ordeal we did nothing wrong.”

According to Healthsmart, Ted Parker is no longer involved in the day-to-day management of the companies.