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Group & Pension Administrators Inc. Sales Explode

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Group & Pension Administrators Inc. (GPA), a Texas based third party administrator, is enjoying rapid growth through marketing their unique Cost-Plus health insurance program. Plan savings for participating employers average 40% or more.

GPA has caught the attention of employers, agents and competing insurance carriers, as well as the health care community.

The GPA message is simple; providers should be paid their cost plus a fair and reasonable profit, rather than paid a discount off inflated and arbitrary charges that have no relationship to cost.

New clients include high profile accounts in major metropolitan areas of Texas. A large medical provider in Bexar County, for example,  recently partnered with GPA to provide cost-plus benefits for their own employees.  

We expect GPA will continue to enjoy rapid and sustained growth as there appears to be no competition in the cost-plus arena. Competing carriers and TPA’s seem committed to continued reliance of PPO networks and other managed care contracts rather than adoptng the GPA Out-of-the-Box approach to reigning in health care costs.

Employee Benefit Plan Administrator Consumer Directed healthcare Plan Health Insurance Plan Administrator Medical Claim Processing Employee Benefit Plan Administrator Consumer Directed healthcare Plan Health Insurance Plan Administrator Medical Claim Processing

At GPA, we embrace our whole healthcare community with unflinching standards and a time-tested commitment. For 40 years, we have offered a uniquely customized approach to benefit planning for employers and brokers who want solutions to today’s most-pressing healthcare challenges. All while providing the highest-quality information, resources and service to employees and providers. If you demand the healthiest employees – and the “healthiest” bottom line, demand GPA.
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Poor Insurance Decisions Based on Deception

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Recently we have witnessed some very poor insurance decisions by a number of employers who have switched TPA/Carrier for all the wrong reasons, to wit:

– Switched to a carrier because their PPO contract discounts were “proven” to be 37-55% better than the rental networks. The claim re-pricing exercise employed by the group’s consultant was later proven to be flawed. (The consultant was subsequently replaced with another “expert”)

– Switched from a TPA who had the case 5 years, managed claims and opened on-site medical clinic with addition savings to the employer, no increase in funding for the past three years, a pass on renewal, but switched to a new TPA/Carrier because their aggregate attachment factor was lower by over $3 million. The group was advised by their “expert” consultant that they would “save $3 million” by moving to the company offering the lowest aggregate factor.

Those of us in this industry are all at fault for these poor decisions. We have missed opportunities to educate employers as to the truth regarding our industry. Instead, employers have relied on con artists who have been trained to take advantage of their ignorance.

We must begin the process of educating our clients and prospective clients now, so that they are well armed to make good and prudent business decisions in the future. This is accomplished by telling them the secrets we dont want them to know about.

Decisions based on facts are always the right decisions. Decisions based on deception continue to demean our industry.