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Bill Ebaugh 1930 – 2018

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
William Lee "Bill" Ebaugh Obituary

William Lee “Bill” Ebaugh

I have met a lot of people in the insurance business over the years, but Bill Ebaugh stands out. His knowledge and connections within the insurance industry was amazing. He was a master salesman, story teller, and visionary. His life’s experiences were something out of a movie. He attracted the best in everyone he met.
One day he called me –  “Hey Bill, why don’t you do a write up on what your’e doing with political subdivisions. It needs to be published!” So with much prompting I did as he suggested.
A month later I received a call from Bill – “Bill (we are both named Bill), what are you doing on December 17th?”
“Why nothing Bill, whats up?” I replied.
“The State of Wyoming wants to see you on the 17th. You will be getting a call from the governor’s office setting up the trip at the state’s expense” he announced.
Yeah right I thought. “Bill I will wait for the call” I said and hung up the phone. I turned to my secretary and said “Bill is one hell of a joker!”
I was in Wyoming on December 17.
– Bill Rusteberg


Mean Insurance Companies Bankrupt Free Standing ER

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

In today’s Victoria Advocate newspaper (Victoria, Texas) there appears an article about a free standing ER closing down because the have “been having problems with insurance companies.” Actually the problem is not with the insurance companies. Its with hospitals gaming the system. Consumers equate free standing ERs as urgent care centers paying for services with other peoples money. An “office visit” there can cost several thousands of dollars for something as simple as a cold, insect bite or sprained ankle. The cost is so high and the profits so great it takes only 6 or 7 customers a day to reap a profit.

Yet you read the story below and come away thinking the mean, uncaring insurance companies seeking to pay as little as possible are to blame. BTW – insurance policies under the ACA cover emergencies.