Will Texas Force Rebels Back To The Dungeon?

Will the TRS ActiveCare trustees act to stop the TRS ActiveCare rebellion? They better think this through because it would be political suicide to take away competitive benefits and force members back to the TRS ActiveCare dungeon. 

By Bill Rusteberg

We expect TRS trustees will attempt to stop districts from offering a competing plan in a legislative push next session.

FBS and First Financial may have taken as much as 10% of total enrollment or more effective September which if true will be a huge wake up call for TRS trustees.

See the excerpt below from their July 2020 board meeting minutes:

“Ms. Daniel discussed districts of innovation and regional service centers that are considering offering plans that would compete with TRS-ActiveCare, potentially destabilizing TRSActiveCare.” 

“In response to a query from Ms. Sissney, Ms. Daniel and Ms. de Onis discussed the possibility of a TRS Rule or legislative initiative that could either stop or mitigate potential destabilization of ActiveCare by competing plans.”

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. We suspect those districts offering TRS alternatives will be “grandfathered” under any new legislative effort to combat the rebellion. Otherwise it would be political suicide to take away competitive benefits and force members back to the dungeon.

Which side will have the most friends at the legislative level? Smart money favors rebels 2 to 1.

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This is going to be very interesting, indeed. The best thing trs could do would be to pick up the cards and go home, just take a survey and find some excuse to  announce a shut down. It’s just not worth it.


It would be great to get in front of the Legislature and describe TRS from the inside out.  I have enough stuff to bury them if there was a way to help the legislature understand some very complex concepts.


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