Will Potluck Dinners, Employee Terminations Attract More Paying Patients?


Struggling to stem a red tide of falling income is tough when the core cause is not identified and addressed…………………..Could high prices be driving away customers?

HOUSTON — MD Anderson has announced that 800-900 Houston employees will be laid off.

The layoff plan implemented will impact less than 5% of the roughly 20,000 person workforce. Physicians and in-patient nurses will not be involved in the reduction plan. The layoffs go into effect this week. 12% of the affected staff hold management or leadership roles.

“I can assure you, during the last several months and more recently during the decision-making process, great effort and compassion have gone into exploring all options to make sustainable changes and to avoid impacting our treasured colleagues,” said MD Anderson President Ron DePinho.

Employee notification began Thursday morning and will continue into next week. The hospital is expecting to save $120 million per year with the cuts.

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