Why The Outrage Now!

We’ve seen little or no outrage over egregious hospital price gouging in years past. Consumers have remained complacent. Yet now we are seeing outrage over minor things like $60 for a bottle of hand sanitizer, or $39.95 for a pair of face masks. Why the outrage now when there was none before?

If we can focus this rage towards egregious health care pricing instead of against “greedy” and “uncaring” insurance companies, then this pandemic may have accomplished something good…………………………….

Coronavirus Price Gouging Complaints Surge Across U.S. …

“One store advertised hand sanitizer at $60 a bottle. Another was accused of hawking it at $1 a squirt.”

Chain stores offered $26 thermometers and face masks at the “everyday low price” of $39.95 a pair, while a convenience store touted toilet paper at $10 a roll next to a sign reading: “This is not a joke.”

“It is inexcusable to prey on people in a vulnerable time to make a quick buck.”