Who Says Health Care Costs Are Too High? – Employer Funded Cash Plans Catching On

              MRI for $295, includes reading. CAT Scans for $200-$400. Primary Care office visits for $35. Over +500Prescription drugs for $4 for a 30 day supply. In-patient hospital stay @ $600 – $1,000 per day. Global pricing for hysterectomy – $10,000 (includes hospital, surgeon, assistant surgeon, anesthesiologist). Heart bypass surgery total global fee of $18,000. Normal delivery, two day stay, global fee of $2,200.

Even cheaper overseas (MRI in Matamoros, Tamp., Mexico for $99 includes reading emailed to your physician) But these are prices in the United States.

If I-Pads were covered by insurance, they would cost $10,000 each. That is the problem with health insurance today.

Cash is king. Cash can be funded through indemnity plans.

All done in the United States.

So why are medical costs so high for those with insurance? Why don’t employers create Cash Plans to fund their employee benefits? Just imagine, patient sees doctor and presents Health Insurance I.D. card. Card is swiped electronically, CPT codes identified, and payment is credited to the participating providers bank account in 13 seconds. It can be done.