Which Side of The Table Does Your Broker Sit?

Fee based independent insurance consultants are comfortable within their own skin, confident their relationship with their client is founded on shared philosophies and goals. They know if they don’t produce acceptable results, they are replaceable. They’re good with that. They sit on the same side of the table as their client on equal terms.

Health insurance commissioned brokers do everything possible to control their turf while sitting on the other side of the table.

They put up a wall between their client and third party administrators. They know once a TPA establishes a personal relationship with their client it’s game over. They are driven by fear of losing control, becoming less valuable, becoming expendable. They foster an “Us against Them” strategy to divide and conquer as their foundation of relational strength and bondage.

Fee based consultants don’t put barriers between their client and third party administrators. Instead they facilitate those relationships. 

Which side of the table does your broker sit?