Where’s The Beef?


“No one is entitled to health insurance. No one is entitled to health care. And just as certainly no one is entitled to a $1 million bank account or one with unlimited funds. So where’s the beef?” – Molly Mulebriar

Is the government hell bent on giving every citizen access to unlimited funds without consequence? And, on top of that, stipulating the funds must be spent on health care and not on other important entitlement needs such as food and housing, tattoos and drugs?

This is jacked up! Instead every American citizen should be given an unlimited checking account without pre-conditions or limitations. Americans should be free to spend as they see fit during sober and non-sober waking hours. Individual needs are greater than group needs. ┬áIt’s American exceptionalism on a completely level playing field. It’s the right thing to do!

Note: Molly Mulebriar, is an inverstigative reporterette from Waring, Texas.