Where Were The Math Teachers?

Teachers demanded more money in order to spend more money on….. (drum roll please)….. HEALTH INSURANCE.

“Employees of Cy-Fair ISD will see a 5% salary increase in the 2021-22 fiscal year. CFISD board members unanimously approved these measures as part of the district’s $1.09 billion budget at the June 24 meeting…………………”

Driving this is rising health care costs. Teachers complained their annual pay increases can’t keep up with increasing cost of health insurance. So they demanded more money in order to spend more money on health insurance.

“Controlling” rising health care costs by throwing more money into the black hole of the American healthcare system is not solving health care. Ah, but that’s another topic for another day.

Let’s explore mathematical logic for a minute. Why not take that extra money (5% of gross wages) and use it to fund a better health plan, tax free to the employee? That would mean an even higher increase in take home pay than a salary increase.

Alas, where were the math teachers during this process?

According to the article (you can’t ever believe everything you read in print these days) about 90% of the district’s annual budget of $1 billion (yes, “B” or $1,000,000,000) goes to wages and salaries.

A 5% salary increase across the board totals how much?

Cy-Fair ISD approves 5% employee pay raises, $1.09B budget for FY 2021-22 | Community Impact