Where Does Your Health Care Dollar Go?

Interesting information but they are leaving out something. Where are all the hidden revenue streams going? How much are third party intermediaries skimming off the top? Some opine that number is north of 25%.

Value extractors, include but are not limited to, shared savings fees, spread pricing, provider repricing fees, PPO access fees, brokerage fees, government taxes and fees, insurance retention fees, ceding fees, integration fees, compliance fees, renewal fees, termination fees, transaction fees, audit fees, RBP balance bill defense fees, bonus performance fees, subrogation fees, arbitration fees, aggregate accommodation fees, and termination fees.

“Your premium—how much you pay for your health insurance coverage each month—helps cover the costs of the medications and care you receive and improves health care affordability, access and quality for everyone. Here is where your health care dollar really goes.”

Where Does Your Health Care Dollar Go? – AHIP