What’s The Message Behind Doors #1 & 2?

Beware! Monsters and Demons lurk behind Door #3

DOOR # 1

The Oxbridge platform has been designed to move up to 50% of an employer’s annual health benefit spending into episode of care programs. This enables a radical level of transparency into the underlying costs of care and gives covered beneficiaries a way to avoid the crushing out of pocket costs that have become standard in traditional HMOs and PPO plans. Episode Benefit Plans represent the first truly unique new health benefit offering since the introduction of PPOs and Point of Service Plans in the late 1980s.


MEDSAVE MANAGEMENT LLC provides a health plan option members may choose when seeking medical care. This plan option can be added to any plan without disrupting current TPA/Broker relationships.

All patient financial responsibility for covered medical expenses is waived each time a member requests and accepts plan assistance in selecting high quality medical providers and services.


Door #1 & #2 risk management recognize that managed care of the past 40 years have failed to control health care costs.

Door #1 is a putting lipstick on a pig (the strategy still incorporates a managed care option) while Door #2 doesn’t necessarily incorporate any pigs at all.

Both Door #1 and #2 prove there is a better, cheaper way to pay for health care other than reliance on Bullshit PPO Discounts.

Monsters and demons are behind Door #3

If you’re a GOAT, you’re choice is Door #2