What if Your Credit Card Billed Like a Hospital



IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT…  Your credit card bill showed up in the mail stating nothing more than: YOU OWE $5,000

That’s it?   …I bet you are on the phone within seconds.    telephone123


You would DEMAND to know what the charges were for, whose idea it was to send out such a shady bill, and then you would get that person on the phone and tell them you are canceling the freaking card. As a savvy consumer you know the burden of proof falls on the retailer and not on you—so you have every right to ask for verification.

Of course they want to keep your business, so they kindly offer you 20% off of your bill.

Feel better? Absolutely not! A discount on a bill with no details?


Guess what makes this even better? Just like that credit card, the burden of proof falls on the hospital, so why, for the love of common sense, is no one making that phone call?

Well, no one but us.

We have those people on speed dial.

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