What Do You Say When You Hear “I Will Get Back To You”

Selling is a profession to be learned. It takes skill, experience, and an understanding of human nature.

We are all salesmen. Some are better than others. A salesman on commission earns exactly what their worth, no more and no less.

I learned how to sell when I was in college. To make ends meet I sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door for almost three years. Boy, did I learn how to sell! Selling door-to-door is what we call created selling – the buyer had no idea when they woke up in the morning that they would own an expensive vacuum cleaner by nightfall. We created sales, we were not order takers.

A good salesman believes in his product, listens, reads body language, asks questions when the prospect is not clear, spot deception, knows all the excuses and is prepared to address them. And, a good salesman never burns bridges as former clients are the best prospects going forward.

This video tackles what to do when a client says “I’ll get back to you.”