What Do PPO Physicians & BUCA Brokers Have In Common?

The BUCAs have it both ways. They control product services and market distribution.

By design they effectively have physicians and brokers by the short hairs. Physicians and insurance brokers survive at their pleasure, memorialized contractually.

PPO physicians are slaves to managed care contracts. They can’t leave the plantation without losing all their patients. They have to take whatever the BUCAs dish out. There is no contract negotiation, they have to take it or leave it.

The reality? Doctors don’t own their business, the BUCAs do.

Brokers are slaves too. They are not independent. Broker contracts have a provision that allows termination without cause at any time with a 30 day notice. Poof, all commissions earned and accruing over many years of efforts gone in a blink of an eye. Thus brokers don’t own their business, the BUCAs do.

Why would anyone put themselves in this position, giving up freedom in return for slavery? It makes no sense how anyone could live under a dangling sword and be happy.